Bitcoin: The Bridge To The New Digital Economy

  1. The Bitcoin cannot devaluate, if we continue thinking it has a value. Fiat currencies devaluate or loose value, as the Mexican Peso has been doing. The Mexican Peso is, in fact, The New Mexican Peso.
  2. In 1994, when the presidency of Carlos Salinas de Gortari ended, one dollar was worth $3,300 (three thousand three hundred pesos). When President Ernesto Zedillo started his term, the Mexican Peso was divided by 1,000, creating this way “New Pesos” and we were cheated by continuing printing bills with the word “Pesos” on them, instead of “New Pesos”.
  3. This way the new price to buy a dollar was $3.3 New Pesos and nowadays its price has risen to about $20 New Pesos (cheating to us by saying they are called “Pesos”)
    The “Peso” (“New Peso”) devaluates thousands of times as years go by, and the printing machines under control of the Central Bank print more and m ore bills,k with less and less market value per bill.
  4. As the fiat money has no upper limit to print, The World Governments, beginning with The US Government (which in the past had been visualized as sustaining the World Economy, because the dollar had been the world currency, because of the Petro – Dollar implementation) The Governments of the World have acted with criminal irresponsibility in the management of the economy, indebting the nations and the inhabitants of the world for an amount over 214,000,000,000,000 dollars, which is unpayable. The economic bubbles in all the countries of the world (such as the one at the end of 1994 in Mexico, and many more – such as the failure of FOBAPROA and the Crack of La Bolsa) have caused that the 8 richest men in the world to have the same resources as the three billion and a half poorest inhabitants of our planet.
  5. It is cynical to say that the world’s fiat currencies, whether dollars, pesos, euros, or anything else, are supported by anything of value. The Nixon shock was a series of economic measures undertaken by United States President Richard Nixon in 1971, the most significant of which was the unilateral cancellation of the direct international convertibility of the United States dollar to gold.
  6. Anything that has value, has value, because we think it has value. Cualquier cosa que tenga valor, tiene valor, porque creemos que tiene valor. A sack of a million dollars in the desert of Altar, in the North of Mexico, has no value, when we are dying of thirst under the rays of the sun, and we can not buy a single drink to refresh ourselves. That’s why the expressions: “That girl thinks she’s the last Coca-Cola in the desert”, or, “When you die, you will not take anything with you” are so true. The only thing that goes with us when our bodys die is our own essence. So it is better that our human virtues are supported by any value, because neither the peso nor the dollar are.
  7. The Bitcoin has a great value, because the programmers and people who used it since it was born in 2009 believe that it has value.
  8. The Bitcoin has a ceiling, a quantity that will never be exceeded, of $ 21 million Bitcoins. The peso, the dollar, the euro have no ceiling, and the Central Banks continue printing like mad, in an unrestrained way, with fear and terror, since the world economy is collapsing
  9. The Dow Jones will collapse, once again, into the abyss. The Bitcoin does not, as long as people think it has value. I propose to substitute the base currency in Mexico for The Bitcoin, The People’s Currency made for People.